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Amateur Carpentry

Both my parents are crafty — good with their hands, inventive with materials, strong aesthetic eyes. So I’m blundering my way through basic woodworking with the confidence of someone who’s watched and assisted in enough crafting and construction to infer and intuit a method of working, but has no real experience to back it up.

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Wallpaper Within the Frame

IKEA makes a frame that’s remarkably close to the dimensions of the portraits. Ribba is 9″ by 20″, coming with a mat containing three 5″ by 7″ openings. The portraits, being 6.5″ by 18.25″ each, would fit nicely, with enough space on the sides to look intentionally matted. However, being the sort of person who

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Two Disneyland projects

Framed Stretching Gallery Portraits For my birthday, my girlfriend Kat gave me stunning reproductions of the four portraits hung in the stretching gallery of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion. I have no idea how Etsy user Robot Monster Island found images of the portraits fit for printing, but there they are. Kat opted for the canvas-printed version,

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