Fresh-baked conspiracies from a half-baked host. Actor, editor.

Math Brain

An 80s infomercial-style PSA about girls and STEM education. Editor.

Sub Rosa

Deep underground, a tunnel engineer has been pushing her crew to dig for decades. Director, writer, editor.

Oh My Disney BB-8

For Disney's social media channels, partnered with Sphero's Star Wars BB-8 toys. Cinematographer, editor.

Like Animals

An intimate drama in which three sisters fight to escape the family home. Editor.

The Soyuz Files

What if the Soviets won the Space Race? An alternate history podcast/radio play. Director, writer. Agenda

Product roll-out for a popular series of stylish planners for the Los Angeles lifestyle brand Editor.


Math tutor Charlie is doing her best to keep her life together as she dispenses wisdom to Max, her student in desperate need of a role-model. Cinematographer, Editor.


Two boys meet up for a brief sexual encounter in the Oakland hills, but find more than they expected. Producer, editor.


Over two dozen sketches created with The West. Editor, cinematographer, director.

How I Do Math

Praised by Shonda Rhimes, #HOWIDOMATH features 12 women and teen girls talking about the unique ways in which they learn. Editor.

God Particles

Acclaimed award-winning web series about millennials and the end of the world. Cinematographer, editor.

Deadwood Girls

Deadwood, South Dakota, 1876: it's just a small town full of quirky characters! Editor.