I’m a voice of god, an Adam West-style Batman, and a Star Wars action figure. I’ve also dubbed over 600 hours of soap operas, so I’m also your guy if you need a slimy lawyer or genteel land baron.

Additionally, I direct and adapt dubbed projects, harmonizing the performances with the original production’s intent.

I currently work at Parcast Network, at Spotify. I’ve also produced an audio drama and a storytelling podcast.

A lifelong filmmaker, I’ve made short films, comedy sketches, and branded content for big companies. I’ve produced a little television and won a couple awards along the way.

I got started early, editing on a VCR and camcorder. Now, Premiere and Avid are second languages to me. Which is good, because I barely remember my French.

Who’s got two thumbs, has strong opinions on fonts, and also rolls his eyes at people who have strong opinions on fonts? This guy.

I grew up (and live) in Los Angeles. I went to UC San Diego, where I studied theater, because I really like stability. I also really like ocean liners, modernist architecture, crosswords, and drinking a lot of coffee. I’m also an Avid-certified editor.

My girlfriend Kat and I run Dapper World Duo, a brand where we dress up fancy all over the place—usually Disneyland. If I had my druthers, it’d be the perfect weather to wear a suit all year round. I still do it, I’m just uncomfortable.

Short verse

Beneath these high Cathedral stairs
Lie the remains of Susan Pares.
Her name was Wiggs, it was not Pares,
But Pares was put to rhyme with stairs.

—Edward Lear

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