Hi! I’m Spencer. I’m a creative-type fella living in Los Angeles, where I grew up.

I’m a filmmaker, theatermaker, graphic designer, photographer, and voice-over actor.

I’m also a founding member of the multimedia storytelling collective The West. With them, I’ve made over two dozen sketches and short films, a radio play featured on a podcast produced by Bill Nye, and a critically-acclaimed award-winning webseries.

Currently, Math Brain, an ’80s infomercial PSA about women and math (which I edited), is blowing up. Like Animals, the short film I edited, is screening in festivals. Coming up this year, I’m DPing Vérité, a new dramatic short by Sameerah Luqmaan-Harris; I’m editing some brand identity videos for the Forbes podcast The Limit Does Not Exist, which is about combining creativity and STEM; and I’m writing the second season of The Soyuz Files, an alternate history radio play.

I studied theater at UC San Diego and editing for film and television at Video Symphony, where I became certified in Avid Media Composer. I’m pretty well versed in the Adobe family of video and graphical software (currently adding InDesign and Illustrator to the mix).

I’m also a snappy dresser and can recite the narration to The Haunted Mansion as a dramatic monologue.