Hi! I’m Spencer. I’m a creative-type fella living in Los Angeles, where I grew up.

I’m a filmmaker, theatermaker, graphic designer, photographer, and voice-over actor.

I’m also a founding member of the multimedia storytelling collective The West. With them, I’ve made over two dozen sketches and short films, a radio play featured on a podcast produced by Bill Nye, and a critically-acclaimed award-winning webseries.

Recently, I edited Math Brain, an ’80s infomercial PSA about women and math. Like Animals, the short film I edited, is screening in festivals. Coming up later this year and through the beginning of 2018, I’m editing Black Cat in a Dark Room, a USC thesis project by Leland Montgomery. And I’m editing some brand identity videos for the Forbes podcast The Limit Does Not Exist, which is about combining creativity and STEM.

I studied theater at UC San Diego and editing for film and television at Video Symphony, where I became certified in Avid Media Composer. I’m pretty well versed in the Adobe CC suite, currently adding InDesign and Illustrator to the mix.

I’m also a big NY Times Crossword nerd.

Cinematographer/editor Spencer Devlin Howard makes the series ooze with production value. His floating but deliberate frame makes conversations feel organic and captivating. It’s a good use of both the strengths of shooting with light digital cameras and the classical fundamentals of film. He knows his toolbox well, and, when he wants to really hit you over the head with a stunning image, he does so brilliantly.

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