Spencer Devlin Howard

Part II


An audio drama/podcast about the Soviets landing on the moon first; talking Star Wars action figures you can buy in Disneyland; and over 80 episodes of an animated series about superheros who get really meta about being superheros.

All this and more, featuring the sounds coming out my piehole. Listen below!

The Society of Virtue

Incisive parodies of superheroes and classic cartoon characters stumble through adventures, jobs, and relationships in this rapidly-growing YouTube channel animated simultaneously in English and Brazilian Portuguese.

I voice the bombastic Narrator, Professor R, Urban Crow, Eyesight, Bernard, Man-Man, Baby Powder Man, and countless kinky supervillains and bizarre aliens.

Narrator & Baby Powder Man

Professor R

The Urban Crow

The Soyuz Files

What if the Soviets won the space race and landed on the moon first? The Soyuz Files is an alternate history audio drama podcast. It was featured on Planetary Radio, produced by Bill Nye and aired on Southern California’s KPCC.

I wrote and produced this six-part audio drama. I also voiced Jack Schechter, a dogged journalist who unravels a vast conspiracy, and goes deep into the USSR to uncover the truth. Listen to the first part of the six-episode series here:


Star Wars Force Link Action Figures Snoke, DJ Disney/Hasbro, Darragh O’Farrell
Bid Wars: Pawn Empire Promos Tapps Games
Voice Force Narrator (tutorials) Sheer Force
The Society of Virtue Various (series principals, 70+ eps) Ian Fernandes
The Soyuz Files Jack Schechter (series lead) The West
Two Truths and a Lie Co-Host Dan Shapiro
Who Killed Little Gregory Reporters Netflix
Legend of the Demon Cat Bai Letan (lead) Emperor Motion Pictures
Dynasty Warriors 9 Cao Cao (principal) Koei Tecmo
600 episodes and counting of telenovela dubs (list available on request)